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EAS AM+RF jammer “2in1” v.2019

14 Oct 2019
the best of all time in quality and efficiency Despite the fact that the publication date of the jammer is October 2019, the jammer has been in active use since June 2019, about 50 devices were sold at the time of publication....

RF jammer for EAS 8.2MHz type 2018 top

25 Apr 2018
25/01/2020 Deals with such RF gates: Checkpoint, Nedap, Gateway, Lucatron, Crosspoint, DetexLine etc. Comparative tests were conducted with all previously existing jammers. During 3 years of development the quality and capabilities...

Smart AM EAS sensormatic jammer (for Anti-Jammer) 58kHz

16 Aug 2016
Last update: 10/05/2019 Fully modified version of the conventional interference AM EAS Sensormatic. They can not be detected by anti-theft gates, equipped with the latest firmware “interference detection, anti-interference.”...

AM EAS sensormatic jammer 58kHz

15 Aug 2016
Last update: 04/11/2016 • Suppresses the signal produced by the tags/alarms in the working area of anti-theft Acousto-Magnetic gates. • Designed as a plastic box with a main switch and LED that provides information about...

Black RF Fabric 2017 (without metal)

14 Aug 2016
cost per meter of Black fabric: 90$ Roll width: 55cm Very soft! Check foto&video: special fabric for shielding RF tags of compatible EAS gates of RadioFrequency Technology 8.2MHz: TECHNICAL FEATURES OF PACKAGE PRODUCTION...

Special RF-impulses shielding fabric 8,2MHz

14 Aug 2016
Last update: 20/02/2015 Special RF shielding conductive fabric material (Nickel-Vanadium shielding fabric) • The fabric laid in a single (1!) layer silences tags based on the RF (Radio Frequency) technology. • If the...

SuperTag Sensormatic Hook Detacher Key

13 Aug 2016
Hooks for Supertag. Original and Chinese often burst and break, as made of a brittle metal. My made ​​and machined on a lathe, from a good strong steel. In sending the hook, I put supertag cut in half, so-we could see...

mini detacher №1 – 12000Gs

12 Aug 2016
This is micro-detacher modification №1. Magnetic force: 12000Gs Dimensions: 38мм in diameter; 13mm in height Durability: 1-3% of power loss per year Сost: 35 $;euro. You can see a big amount of photos of this and other...

Extra Power mini detacher №2 – 16000Gs NEOTAG

11 Aug 2016
This is mini-detacher modification modification №2 for checkpoint HARD 3g lock tags & NEOTAG (It requires some skill and practice) ——— ——— Due to the special configuration, this detacher...

mini detacher №3 – 20000Gs (modifications 2019 DuralTag)

10 Aug 2016
upgrade model 12/01/2019 This is mini-detacher modification №3 In difference from modifications №1 and №2, opens rare round sensors & DuralTag & NEOTAG that meet clients in Western Europe (France, Belgium, UK)....

DLS fortknox detacher for box safer

09 Aug 2016
Used for plastic protective boxes MW Security FORTKNOX . Can open MW Security DLS (Double Locking System). The protection system is made of two metal clips. When metal clips cling to the special detacher the lock opens. These...

Alpha S3 Handkey

08 Aug 2016
Alpha S3 Detacher Key works on all compatible Alpha products. Alpha security products include: security tags, CD keepers, DVD safers, and bottle security tags. Сost: $50 or €45.

unique Detacher for Agon concept designertag2 2018 JD sports

07 Aug 2016
Cost KIT detacher = 65 usd$ + cost shipping. No problem for UK custom. All tags are obtained from UK & Sweden from real stores, we show you exactly these tags, they were sent to us by the postal service. KIT = 6pin...

PATACO Si2 detacher Key

05 Aug 2016
PATACO Si2 detacher Key works on all compatible pataco products. PATACO security products include: security WRAP tags and EAS security BOX keepers safers. Сost: 40$ or 37 euro. + FAQ open ALL Security safer BOX (magnet;...
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Protected: demonstration cases and masking for Jammer

01 Aug 2016
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