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unique Detacher for Agon concept designertag2 2018 JD sports

Cost KIT detacher = 65 usd$ + cost shipping.
No problem for UK custom.

All tags are obtained from UK & Sweden from real stores, we show you exactly these tags, they were sent to us by the postal service.

KIT = 6pin detacher + spanner(wrench).

detailed description of how it works is presented in the video, I ask you to show care and intelligence, the principles of using this device are different from all the others.
Thank you for attention.

“concept Agon tag version 2” does have a difference, but by simple actions we very quickly adapted to the changes, and they actually happened only at the very beginning even before I started quality production.
You know what they did?) They made the needle longer by 2 millimeters, and made it a little thicker))) And immediately wrote on the site a lot of important words.
The publication on the manufacturer’s website is nonsense and a marketing ploy. And we continue to laugh at ridiculous attempts to protect your business.
Our site has been deleted many times due to legal complaints, but we are not small children, but experienced engineers, programmers, former professional thieves, hackers, marketers, and just very smart guys.
Do not believe these greedy hucksters who protect the goods of mega-corporations.

All the orders I make out only through communication, the site is not intended for ordering than any form.
this is due to tax legislation in Russia, if the site has a basket and the form of accepting an order, then this is a commercial activity.
My direction of business is very controversial regarding the legislation in the fight against propaganda of crimes, therefore I process each order manually.
Hope for understanding.

JD Sports

Original detacher cost ~1000$:

designertag designertag2 agon agontag concept concepttag concepttag2 designer tag 2 for JD Sports STADIUM new how to unlock open security detacher key lock remove lock

designertag designertag2 agon agontag concept concepttag concepttag2 designer tag 2 JD Sports STADIUM new how to unlock open security detacher key lock remove

feedback (14)

  1. john says:

    hi i am interested in this product, i am in the uk

    • bombaster says:

      Perhaps there is a more convenient means of communication? As issues are resolved quickly.
      Skype: bombastershop
      WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, telegram: +79814224332

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi I’m in the UK and want to know how to buy it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    does it work with the latest version? I’ve heard they changed the design after the first easy-to-open version

    • bombaster says:

      The new version differs only in the long and thick needles. everything works great. The lack of a huge amount of feedback is explained by the fact that I do not run and do not remind clients that leaving feedback is very pleasant for me. I do not like being intrusive.

  4. Coral Logan says:

    VERY pleased with this product once u get the hang of if it is very quick and easy to use, great communication via what’s app would highly recommend this website and this detagger.

  5. Most definetly works it just takes a bit of technique but once you get the hang of it it’s perfect works in if and riverisland

  6. Once you work out the technique this is very easy to use and works in JD sports , RIVER ISLAND & JOHN LEWIS new tags.

  7. Detagger arrived and was everything i expected easy to use as well very good value for money

  8. I am in Sweden and I have received this detacheur it is small and very effective… I have been using it for over two months and so far I have not had any difficulty opening that ugly black tag. thx!

  9. Andy says:

    I’m also in UK- London
    I make few orders from this seller and all arrive in 7-10 days in good working condition
    I use all of them and is working perfect
    Specially Agon for JD and river island…(I love that one )
    Happy with orders
    Thanks again

  10. Любитель приключений) says:

    Есть такая штучка у меня. С помощью неё снимал таги с Nike одежки в Лондоне. Там такие пищалки распространены, видел в разных магазах в британии. Таки да, снимает! ;)

  11. 1 says:

    I’m a UK customer, and was a bit sceptical at first, but can honestly say the tool is excellent, and I say excellent again.. Also the communication is perfect, nothing bad to say at all.

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