advanced professional shoplifting

How to identify the type of antitheft system

Last update: 21/08/2019
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All the information was collected and published to the numerous requests of my friends and colleagues. Please do not put this intelligence about the endless expanse of the Internet, as these are my individual hours of work and this post is based on my personal knowledge. It was partly realized because of your financial support of my projects, as without it I could not bring myself to find time for these posts..

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Chapter 1. Theoretical minimum.

1. There are three common widespread antitheft systems:

1) Acousto-magnetic-> AM

Radiofrequency -> RF

Electromagnetic -> EM

(Subsequently we’ll use the abbreviations)

2. The most important fact, that you have to realize is that all these systems use three completely different principles of detecting EAS TAGS (hereinafter – the “tag”).

AM works on the principle of resonant response of the tag, when the gates firstly create the generation in it, and then listen to the definite frequency response from the generated tags. In this moment of «hearing» the gates themselves are «silent».
professionals use for this system method “jamming” with the help of special jammers:


RF works on the principle of self-field analysis in order to identify the “sinks of the field (tag)». That’s why the RF system must always be set on the basis of 2 columns, as it’s impossible to make the steady electromagnetic field, using only one gate.
This system is easily overcome with the help of shielding fabric:


EM runs on the principle of magnetostriction, when there is an impact on two metal strips of different shape and length. If the label falls into that field, the oscillations of two strips create their own frequency response, which is picked up by the receiver in the EM gate.

Due to it, it should be understood that the correct methods of dealing with these systems can’t be the same.

Chapter 2. Labels. The biggest difference.

As all the systems operate on different principles, then labels cannot be the same.

All three systems use the label-stickers. At first glance it’s just a sticker, but it’s also the easiest way to determine what system is used in the required store.

AM labels:

1. Can be only plastic!!!.

2. Size: 4 cm – length, 1 cm – breadth, 1-2 mm – height! – There are no other that exist for this system.

3. Convex = volumetric.

4. The most often used style – white with a false barcode, but black and other colored can also be found.

5. Inside the sensor there are two parallel solid metal strips of the same size which are and very vulnerable to bending and jam.

images (1)

RF labels:

1. Can be made only from paper or foil-based!

2. Most square, rarely round.

3. Size: square – 4×4 cm; round – 4 in deameter. Both very thin.

4. White with a false barcode, monochrome, rarely hidden under the labels from the factory.

5. The internal sensor is a coil and plane capacitor on the corner, made of foil. Vulnerable to tears and cuts.


EM labels:

1. Can be made only from paper or plastic (rarely)!

2. Always elongate (correlation between length/breadth)

3. The internal sensor is consisted of two taggers. First one is a thread, the second one is rectangle that id attached to this thread. Vulnerable only to bendings.



If there are labels in the store, it can be easy to identify the anti-theft system of gates.


Chapter 3. Plastic (Hard) TAG

AM (hard inactivated tags):

Only 2 types of constituents can be put inside the AM hard tags:

– Ferrite core with the condenser at its ends, very tightly coiled by the thin wire in a large number of turns:


– Two strips made of a special alloy, which are responsive to the electromagnetic system of the gates:



1. Super-Tag
– All tags that can be opened by the special hook.
– Have a hole for the hook from the end
– It goes without saying that it’s practically impossible to find RF Super-Tag. Even if you do, it’s always much more shorter than the AM one because it’s usually done in China.


2. Pencil Tag, Ultra Tag – Are used very often, but there are RF tags which look quite the same and couldn’t be distinguished if you don’t know how the Sensormatic Pencil Tag looks like.

There are some minor visual differences: if you find the logo Sensormatic – 100% that it’s the AM version of the sensor.


detacher_jammer_sensormatic_hook_alpha_s3_tag neotag_duraltag

– Very rare.
– Practically inpossible to distinguish from the RF tags (only be the offset the sensor from the axis when it’s attached to the detacher, as inside there is a AM coil on a ferrite rod that strongly anchores to the detacher.)
Also can be determined by the sound and feelings during the shaking of the tag.


4. Bottle tags have a small projection near the lock where the AM coil (on a ferrite core) can be disposed.



RF (hard tags) :
Inside these tags can be found just a spiral of wire with a capacitor or a coil, which is wound on a ferrite core in a single layer with a small number of turns.
1. Round and square standard plane tags.
– Can be used only in RF systems.
– There can be found very similar tags for EM system, but they are very rare (describes below)



2. Golf-Tag, Shells, turtles and other different epithets for the round tags with a big, broad head of needle.
– As it’s said, can be found in Am systems, but rarely.


3. CONE… – In those tags can be put only lock and strongly twisted RF-tag spiral.
All (without any exception) are made for RF systems.

4. Bottle tags
– Have a squared or round increase near the lock mechanism. That means that there is surely spiral of wire inside.



inside these tags can be found just a spiral of wire with a capacitor or a coil, which is wound on a ferrite core in a single layer with a small number of turns:



EM (hard tags):

1. Frankly speaking, I’ve seen only those, which you can see on the photo. These tags I ordered directly from the producer, because there is no supplier in Russia that has such tags in existence. Even in European and Western countries they are extremely rare.
2. It runs as follows that EM hard tags are the extreme exception. From PF tags they can be distinguished just by putting these tags on the light (inside them there are 2 metal strips, arranged perpendicular to each other)



2. 3. Someone saw EM tags such as Super-Tag, but it’s also a big rarity.



These tags can use any of these technologies (so stated on the site of the producer). I doubt that they do use the EM technology.

Read more about them from the original source:

I characterize them as follows: reacting with sound on the taking away outside the shop; sending the signal (sometimes to the counter) in case of unauthorized opening; transmitting the signal of the motion sensor.

2. Systems with the activation in the field of the gates (at a certain frequency).

– There is no complete and detailed information about such kind of tags. The problem is solving

3. Spiders tags include all three types of tags because there is enough space for them inside the sensor.


4. Ultra Gator Tags

– Used in the AM or EM systems (very rarely, because unbreakable EM label is presented as overlapped two stripes).
– Opening method is truly simple: sensor locates inside a metal plate with a cut that clamps the needle. After extension the needle finally releases.




– By appearance of sensors the system can be determined even without going inside the store.
– When I see the Super-Tag on clothes, I just know that AM is used.
– When I see something rounded – that is most likely to be RF.
– If I see a square tag I am 99.99% sure that this is RF.
– I can begin to doubt when I see questionable sensors (shells) and unknown for me types of gates.
– The first thing you’ll do – go look for stickers. If you’ll not find the labels, then shake the sensor and be sure to look at the cash department, where the detacher can be found.
Cash equipment will be discussed below.

Untreated the following TAG’s:
information on them will be issued later.

Chapter 4. Gates.

1. 1. AM (Acousto-Magnetic systems):

There are gates from such firms as gateway, CrossPoint and some others made in China (they do not have any logo)

Any gate with the logo “SENSORMATIC”



Any gate with the logo “WG”




2. RF (Radio-Frequency systems):

logos manufacturers:



3. EM (Electro-Magnetic):


A small prompt regarding differences in the technical performance of the RF and AM gates:


Systems that work without any usage of the visible anti-theft gates:

There are two principle activation sensors react to relocation beyond the store:

1. 1. Systems such as Sentinel

The tag is activated when it gets the signal from the emitters located above the entrance of the store. The radiators are usually located on ceil and look like the square boxes with no lights and indications.

WG Global12

ПWhen it’s taken outside the shop, the radiators activate the tag and it starts making a very loud sound.

There are also some modifications of Sentinel based on the principle of signal fades, which are located inside the shop. But the principle of output activation is more common.

 2. activation system directly from the emitting field gates:

information on them will be issued later.



• It is possible to distinguish the gates by their appearance. Then you have some doubts: look at the tags, labels, cash equipment
• For the overall development and visual presentation, I suggest you to look through the information given on the sites of firms selling anti-theft equipment. Laziness is not your friend in this case, spending a few hours can greatly simplify your actions in future, The biggest part of the systems and gated were presented here by me
• So, Sometimes the gates are hidden under the posters. If you want – you can look at them from the top. But it’s not always necessary.

Chapter 5. Cash Equipment.

1. deactivators, demagnetisers tags-labels:(a little later, this part will be supplemented, systematized and translated.)

АAcousto-magnetic cash deactivate equipment:

AM deactivators more external, and fairly easy to determine in appearance. Most often, they have the logo “Sensormatic”

АМ Бесконтактный деактиватор AMB 2011АМ Бесконтактный деактиватор Scan-ThruАМ Контактный деактиватор в виде штампаДеактиватор AMB 1200.  Изображение 2 из 3

Radio Frequency cash deactivate equipment:

External RF deactivators are typically simple large square without any particular external signs, but most of the RF deactivators are embedded in the table.

Деактиватор бесконтактный. Изображение 1 из 1

2. Съемники жестких датчиков

сьемники для датчиков типа Super-Tag:

Съемник МК225 для жестких датчиков SuperTag механическийАвтоматический съемник для жестких датчиков Super Tag

обычные съемники жестких датчиков(все системы):

Универсальный Съемник Антивор для АМ, РЧ жестких датчиков



Alpha S3


If I see at the checkout magnetic puller and nothing more, it is likely that the deactivation system is built into the table.
Usually embedded RF and AM deactivators integration is also possible.
EM deactivator always remote and contact.
So as you can see on the cashier at the time of the purchase by other visitors shop, the algorithm can determine the action too much.

AFTERWARD: don’t be lazy and write down here, in comments, your good words. They are very important for me as all the information was not copypasted worm anywhere: it is based and written by myself due to my personal enormous knowledge. I keep trying to fill up this information as soon as possible. Do not give your attention that the date of this post is always the same.

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      Еще раз благодарю.

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    • Rimogard says:

      Salut Dan, si eu tot din Romania sunt. Am vazut comentariul tau si voiam sa te intreb daca ai cumparat ceva de aici si daca functioneaza cum trebuie. Multumesc.
      Multumesc creeatorului acestui site, chiar daca nu am comandat nimic momentan, tot ce a scris mi a fost de mare ajutor pana acum. Multumesc Bombaster!!! 10+++

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  62. Hello says:

    I just have one question, in italy in HM store there is NEDAP security gate, and all the tags inside are turtles with coil inside, and at the cash table there is only magnet to get them off. So i em wondering becouse i have a RF jammer, am i gonna pass silently or i should pass that store. Thank you on your time. Salute from Serbia your forum is dope!

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    • bombaster says:

      а почему нет? никак не помешает. использовать фольгоскотч нормальная тема, слоёв 10…

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