advanced professional shoplifting

EAS AM+RF jammer “2in1” v.2019

the best of all time in quality and efficiency

Despite the fact that the publication date of the jammer is October 2019, the jammer has been in active use since June 2019, about 50 devices were sold at the time of publication. Tested in all West European countries, Spain, Canada, USA, Turkey, England.

price: 1100 usd$ or 1000 euro€

EMS-express free delivery: 6-10 days

it is sold only with a disguise in the case of a PowerBank type device which has 2 standard (factory) buttons for separately controlling AM and RF jammers, and also PowerBank retains the ability to charge other gadgets, it is not shown publicly.

detailed information you can see on the pages of the description of AM and RF jammers of the latest versions:

Smart AM EAS sensormatic jammer (for Anti-Jammer) 58kHz

RF jammer for EAS 8.2MHz type 2018 top

“Why a separate method of using the jammers?”
– Practical experience of using it all over the planet for many years suggests that you cannot be a non-professional using such equipment. You must be able to distinguish AM systems from RF systems, as well as understand gate models and or at least manufacturers of anti-theft systems (all information is collected in a perfectly understandable form). Otherwise, you limit your own opportunities and increase risks, and we try to expand your opportunities every day by improving technology in pursuit of the ideal.

We are not trying to sell you a useless and dangerous thing that would promise you “miracles”, we are realists and real practitioners. Promises of “miracles” are usually the lot of scammers, parasites and others who just want to get your money.

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  1. Jomi says:

    Устройство реально крутое!!мои самые лучшие отзывы Бомбастеру.Работать этим устройством одно удовольствие, почти магия Респект селлеру!!

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